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Welcome to Brokeback Slash on LiveJournal!

This community began life as a haven for Brokeback Mountain slash writers and readers, and it has grown by leaps and bounds to include art, poetry, humor, and anything fanfic-related that was inspired by the profound short story and award-winning film (and the actors featured therein). We encourage you to find your creative voice and let it be heard here! For general BBM-related discussion, please visit one of the wonderful LJ communities created for that purpose, such as Wranglers or Brokeback Mountain Discussion.

A WARNING: Since this is primarily an adult community, you agree that by clicking on the "Join!" link at the top of this page that you are hereby declaring yourself to be of legal age for the state and/or country you reside in and therefore are authorized to view such material. Please do not read or join this Community should you find the material contained within to be offensive in any way.

While BBS is unmoderated, it pretty much runs itself, thanks in large part to the respectful and supportive atmosphere created by the membership at large. However, there are a few important guidelines that we ask you to stick to when posting here:

001. Disclaimers: Remember to give credit where credit is due! Any fiction created around the characters in Annie Proulx's short story or the screenplay written by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana should be credited to them. (We're just borrowing them.) The same rule should also apply when writing fiction based on the real persons involved (aka RPS, such as Jake/Heath stories). Remember to be respectful, folks.

002. Headers: All posts MUST include a proper header. While there is no specific format to adhere to, we ask that all stories make use of a header that includes a title, a rating (see section 005.) and a disclaimer, at the very least. (See above item for information on DISCLAIMERS.)

003. Tags: Tags are vital in that they serve as a "search engine" of sorts for our readership; therefore all members MUST use appropriate entry Tags when posting. (Remember that by using this site you are agreeing to "archive" your work here -- and Tags are an essential part of the archive process.) All active members in good standing can request their own Story Title/Author Tags, and are able to add/edit/delete Tags on existing posts when needed. Duplicate/superfluous/unnecessary tags will be deleted without warning, so do check the Master Tag List HERE to see if the tag you need already exists BEFORE you post. If you are unsure of which tag to use, just ASK!

004. Using a LJ-cut: Due to the ever-increasing volume of posts, we ask all our members to make the visible portion of your entries (that is, the part that appears on the main page) as space-efficient as possible by using the LJ-cut feature. As a rule of thumb, ALL writing should always be placed under a cut, as well as lengthy author's notes/summaries and link indexes for previous chapters. See THIS LJ FAQ POST for instructions on how to create and utilize LJ-cut tags.

005. Warnings/Ratings: If your post contains scenarios that some might find offensive, you MUST include a warning in the header (ie: strong violence, explicit sexual situations, etc.) along with an appropriate age rating (G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17) for it's intended audience.

006. Banners/Graphical Links: Please DO NOT use banners/graphical links (other than icons) to distinguish your post on the front page. Should you wish to use a unique image or banner to represent yourself or your post, you MUST place that image under a LJ-cut.

007. Hit Counters/Stat Meters: DO NOT use any Hit Counters/Stat Meters in your entry! If keeping track of the number of visitors who read your story is important to you, then you MUST send readers directly to your own Journal. Be aware that the Maintainers will periodically spot-check entries for compliance, as it is the policy of the Community to BAN members who use hidden tracking software code of any kind in the content of their posts.

008. Off-Topic/Non-Fanwork Posts: It is the policy of the Community NOT to allow any off-topic or non-fanwork posts UNLESS they have been pre-approved by one of the Maintainers. Repeated violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban from the Community.

009. Ownership: All entries posted therein are the intellectual property of their respective authors, and should not be reposted elsewhere without their express permission. And while a fan-work that involves the characters from BBM can NOT be protected under Copyright Law, we ask that if you want to use any original characters or situations employed by another fan-author that you kindly ask permission from that author prior to posting. While most authors are happy to allow this sort of use, some will not. (Please also see the section on PLAGIARISM below.)

010. Duplicate/Test Posts: Do NOT spam the Community with duplicate or "test" posts -- that's what your personal Journal should be used for. Doing so will have your posts deleted by the Maintainers without notice. (If you are unsure how to edit/correct your entries after they have been posted, please ASK US.)

011. Plagiarism: It is the policy of the Community to BAN anyone found plagiarizing. If you suspect someone of plagiarism please contact one of the Maintainers by email, and be prepared to provide details. The matter will be discussed privately, and if there is enough evidence that plagiarism has occurred the offending member will be banned. For a concise definition of what constitues plagiarism, please visit Georgetown University's website on the topic by clicking HERE.

012. Parody: Stories/poems written as a parody of BBM are allowed on Brokeback Slash. Think of stories in the vein of Spaceballs, The Naked Gun, Bored Of The Rings, or The Wind Done Gone (a parody of Gone with the Wind.) All authors should be aware of what constitutes parody by consulting the reference links found HERE and HERE. By these definitions, stories that choose to incorporate the true names of characters/situations or individuals (whether the source is fan-based or not) are NOT considered parody, and will be subject to the guidelines established under OWNERSHIP. Conversely, if the work posted here is clearly meant as a parody, and is not an abusive/vulgar/off-topic post thinly-disguised as such, then we will not on principle remove the entry. (Please also see the section on CRITICISM/CONFLICT below.)

013. Criticism/Conflict: Be kind! Constructive criticism is OK, flaming is NOT. (And personal vendettas will NOT be tolerated.) Any member found in repeat violation of this rule will be banned from the Community. While the Maintainers cannot screen or delete individual comments left on authors' entries, the LiveJournal software does give all it's registered users the power to track/screen/ignore/delete any comment left on their own posts should they choose to do so. If you find yourself in direct conflict with another fan-author over something either of you have posted here, we ask that you please try to mitigate the issue on your own first. The Maintainers will only intervene on your behalf if no reasonable solution can be reached, and only when it is in the best interest of the Community to do so. (Remember that the Maintainers have the final say on any given issue, and though the end result might not completely satisfy all parties involved, we ask that you keep in mind what's ultimately the best decision for the Membership at large.)

A reminder: If you have general questions about posting, making links, or formatting entries, please visit the livejournal FAQ.

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